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If you're going to idle, the cushions on the seats at the juice bar are more comfortable than the ones on the bench. There's a difference between being friendly and making it a mission to know everyone's name, birthday, and favorite Kardashian.

By the time you’re done with meeting, greeting, and exchanging phone numbers, the hardcore gym grunt has finished half his workout.

Save the team bromances for the post-gym bender—your entourage is crowding the gym floor and ruining everyone else's flow. Being in great shape is an accomplishment—being an arrogant dick is an irritant.

And if you really insist on getting sweaty together, there's always Cross Fit. Mirrors in the gym are there to help you check your form, not sneak a piggy glimpse of the girl doing hamstring curls, or flex and admire yourself like an underwear model.

We're huge advocates of heart, soul, and encouragement, but some people need to tone it down a few decibels.

Not to mention the awesome fan/flower bridesmaids bouquets.'The person who sent the picture, one of the bridesmaids in question, explained: 'I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. Her mom apparently didn’t care about capturing the beauty of the rest of us.' The decades that style forgot: One couple went for an unconventional sporting theme (left), while another has the entire bridal party dressed in velour (right).

Juicy Couture, we're sure, would approve The bride, who submitted the picture, wrote: 'Our photographer was all about odd shots.

There's also no way you're going to stay focused and get in a quality training session when you're busy filling your boys in about your crazy weekend in Wisconsin.

Show up at different times, work in pairs, and train in different areas.

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Another photo faux pas occurred when the bride's father decided to gift the newlyweds with a pair of shotguns at the reception.

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