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This is especially true if you’re using managed hosting as many use server-side caching.Server-side caching includes: Servers also run file swapping, virtual file systems, firewalls, sitemaps, etc.Web servers and browsers use HTML instructions to build pages one at a time from components that are stored in different locations.Without cache these pages will have to be built every time the server is asked for the page.In order to see the updates you’ll need to clear the cache.Let’s look at the various types of cache and see a few examples of clearing each one.

Here are the most popular and the steps it takes to clear their cache: Chrome – Settings (three dots), More Tools, Clear Browsing Data Firefox – Menu (hamburger), Options, Advanced, Network, Cached Web Content, Clear Now Safari – Options, Reset Safari, Remove All Website Data Edge – Options (three dots), Settings, Clear Browsing Data If you only want to load a page without using cache then simply hit the F5 key.

If you are making changes to the static content that Cloudflare caches, website owners should go to Development Mode first to bypass the Cloudflare cache so these changes appear immediately.

If you forget to enable Development Mode, you also have the option of purging your Cloudflare cache or purging a single file.

Some will provide an easy bypass solution for testing such as typing /? If you’re using an HTTP reverse proxy such as Varnish then the cached version of your site will expire after a short time and your new content will display.

You can adjust the time for the cache to expire in your provider’s settings.

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You can check for these settings within your c Panel or admin panel for the hosting plan. If the setting isn’t provided they might clear it if you ask. Many websites use a type of cache called reverse proxy.

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