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Võ Phương Thảo, marketing manager of Paradise Vietnam Group, said it’s the first time she had found a suitable app having members with high profiles.“I think dating is becoming more and more difficult in society.The mobile app does not allow users to chat or offer gifts online; it only facilitates members to book a date with other members they like."Many men that women dream of, such as those with high-paid jobs, good education, and having cars and houses, are hardly interested in finding lovers, as they are busy pursuing hobbies like golf or travelling and have no time to attend to their lovers," Ánh said.

“If the profiles are genuine, then the members are those whom anyone would dream of dating,” she said, admitting the service had high-profile members.

“At that time, there were various kinds of dating services operating in the country, but the society still lacked a suitable one.

The ones that existed were not appropriate,” she said, while recalling why she decided to set up a high-profile dating service company.

Customers must first submit their CV and show proof of income.

They are invited for a face-to-face interview to make sure that their profiles are genuine, and they are well-mannered.

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