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I broke out a container of almonds on my fifteen minute break, and a few generous handfuls kept me fueled for the rest of my afternoon.I packed my things up around and hit a little bit of traffic on the way home.It took me just about fifteen minutes to whip up the meal you see above, and I already had all of the ingredients in my refrigerator.

) I wasn’t super hungry while working, but a quick glance at my Polar Loop 2 reminded me that my body is continuously burning calories throughout the day.

I previously shared how having an activity tracker is a great way to stay on top of your goals.

I have been wearing my Loop 2 for over a month now, and I love being able to check in throughout the day to see where I’m at.

I felt a vibrate while I was walking around at the gym, and I finally remembered to check what the heck it was telling me… I still had about a third of my steps to go for the day, but my workout in the morning set me up for a win. // 1,513 calories, 10,610 steps I felt super lazy on the dinner front, so I pulled out a sweet potato and had an easy and nutritious go-to for one. ) Hitting my activity goal motivated me to “go the long way” on my walk to check the mail with Roadie when I got home and hit the stairs and extra time or two when I needed something upstairs. To get a full gage on what my day really looked like, I plugged my Polar Loop 2 into the Flow Sync software.

Out of pure curiosity, I measured how many steps it took for me to get from the kitchen/living room area to our bedroom upstairs. I usually think to plug it in to give it a charge when I know I am going to be sitting at the computer or sleeping, but I only briefly took my tracker off during the two short times I was in the shower yesterday.

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